From the shores of Lake Chelan, the Lake Chelan Coffee Company offers our customers the finest in roasted coffee beans sourced from around the world. We can custom roast and blend coffee to meet your unique tastes.

Our Coffees

Mexico Oaxaca

Temporarily out of stock: This roast has balanced sugar and nut tones, mild acidity, and a dense cocoa flavor.

Sumatra Mandheiing

A great roast with the classic characteristics of molasses sweetness and earth-tones, and aromatic wood notes. This roast has a low acidy. making a great espresso option.

Historic Main Street

This is a good first cup of coffee in the morning. Blackberry, Earl Grey tea, plum and a jasmine grace the taste of this roast. Unique thick fruited sweetness, molasses sweetness and earth-tones, with aromatic wood notes. Low acidy.